Commercial Window Tinting

Our commercial window tint will give your building a strong, beautiful look.

By applying the micro-thin film to glass windows and doors, troublesome problems associated with the popular open look can be controlled. Depending on the film selected, Tinting can cut from 25 to 75% of the glare, eliminate 99% of the harmful ultraviolet radiation to protect fabrics and finishes, and cut up to 76% of the solar heat gain through he glass.

Available in elegant tints like gray and bronze, this film adds unity to your windows, which adds prestige to you building.

Unbeatable Warranty

We use only the highest grade films available in the international marketplace, with manufacturer’s warranties against adhesive failure, peeling, cracking, demetalization, and delamination.

Savings in Energy Costs

Our equipment works more efficiently. Film can block as much as 79% of the sun’s heat and glare, cutting cooling costs.


High-performance metalized polyesters provide reliable performance year after year.


Safety film series provides a barrier against storm, vandalism, or terrorism, to protect property or save lives.

Professional Installation

Installation is mess-free, and done with strict conformance to customer specifications, with little disruption of your staff’s daily schedule.

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